Sirley (2020)

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Watch Sirley (2020) : Full Movie Online Nina is 13 years old and has an incredibly messy family. She finds herself catapulted from the center of Rome in a suburban neighborhood: grey high-rises, boys on scooters and a funny grandmother who spends all of her time gambling on cards. A sudden encounter upsets everything, like a storm: she is 13 years old, lives in the opposite building, and dances the Lambada. Her name is Sirley, she comes from French Guiana and has an ambitious dream: to interpret the Madonna in the neighborhood procession. Between the two an intense, very strong bond is created. Their friendship will lead Nina to finally lose control, and to discover her place not only in the world, but in the heart of her family.

Detail Information

Title Sirley
Release Date Oct 23, 2020
Genres ,
Production Company BiBi Film Tv, Rai Cinema, Ministero dei Beni e delle Attivita Culturali e del Turismo
Production Countries Italy
Casts Micaela Ramazzotti, Giampaolo Morelli, Emma Fasano, Manon Bresch, Federico Ielapi, Orietta Notari, Clara Galante, Sara Franchetti, Massimo Cagnina, Eliana Miglio, Fabrizia Sacchi
Micaela Ramazzotti
Giampaolo Morelli
Emma Fasano
Manon Bresch
Federico Ielapi
Orietta Notari
Clara Galante
Sara Franchetti
Massimo Cagnina
Eliana Miglio
Fabrizia Sacchi
Claudio Bigagli
Rosa Enginoli Gerini
Francesca Giordano